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I’m going to side-step the theme of this blog for a moment and post some old photos of Ohio State University teams on this page.  These photos will start with teams from the year 1891 and continue up to the year of 1913.

Old Football Teams of The Ohio State University

1891-92 Varsity Eleven:
Charles W. Foulk, Manager, Richart T. Ellis, Captain, Paul M. Lincoln, Right Guard, J.S. Hine, Left Guard, Hamilton H. Richardson, Right Tackle, L.C. Ernst, Left Tackle, Charles S. Powell, Center, Clarence Withoft, Right End, R.E. Krumm, Left End, George D. Pearce, Quarter Back; Arthur H. Kennedy, Right Half Back; A.P. Gillen, Left Half Back, G. Smith, Full Back;  Substitutes: J.J. Walsh, M. W.Lawrence, W. N Zurfluh, RW Dunlap, Frank Haas, F.D. Patterson.

Varsity Eleven of  1892-’93
CS Morrey, Manager; AP Gillen, Capt. and Left Half Back, WG Nagel, Right End, AJ Boynton, Right Tackle, GC Gibbs, Right Guard, WA Reed, Center Rush, JH Mathers, Left Guard, AG Thurman, G. Smith – Left Tackle, RW Dunlap, Left End, Frank Haas, CL Wood – Quarter Back, WJ Foley, Right Half Back, FB Nicholls, Left Half Back, HC Howard, Full Back; Substitutes: EH French, PL Mullay, ES Norton, Ends;  WA Snedicker, Center Rush.

Olde Base Ball Teams of The Ohio State University

1891 OSU Base Ball Team

1891 OSU Base Ball Team

1891 Team – Ernest Evans, Manager; C. W. Barnes, Captain; George D. Pearce, catcher; F. W. Rane, center field; E. C. Martin, pitcher;a C. W. Barnes, 3rd base; L. C. Ernst, 1st base; P. M. Griffith, 2nd base; Ed A. Wagstaff, right field; E. B. Pedlow, left field; H. C. Wilcox, short stop; Ernest Evans, substitute; Frank Askew, Scorer; W. F. Lavery, Umpire;

1892 OSU Base Ball Team

1892 OSU Base Ball Team

1892 Team – Ernest Evans – Manager; George D. Pierce – Captain, catcher; L. C. Ernst, 1st base; C. H. Shaw, 2nd base; E. C. Martin, pitcher; Roy Yoder, 3rd base; John Daniels, pitcher; Ed Wagstaff, left field; Pearl M. Griffith, center field; Clarence Whithoff, right field; A. P. Gillen, substitute;

1896 OSU Base Ball Team

1896 OSU Base Ball Team

1896 Team – Ernest Eysenbach, 1st base; Louis R. Krumm, 2nd base; John W. Reed – Captain, 3rd base; Jerome G. Bouer, short stop;

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  • 1. C. Regan  |  July 28, 2011 at 9:52 am

    Very interesting! I’m looking for Toledo yearbooks c. 1912-1914 for photos of my family (Jacob Elwood Mitchell and William Kenneth Mitchell). Any ideas?

  • 2. flamingo3  |  September 13, 2011 at 9:31 pm

    i would like to purchase a calendar with the old ohio state sports pictures. Please let me know the cost.

    Thank you,

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