St. Ursula Academy 1942

The Scroll - 1942

The Scroll – 1942

– – – Senior Class Officers – – –

Mary Arthur Johnson, Cornelia Sitter

Senior Class Officers

Senior Class Officers 2

Rita Maher, Joan Laskey

Senior Class Officers 2

Senior Class Officers 2

– – – Seniors (67) – St. Ursula Academy – 1942 – – –

Kathleen Barry, Joan Baumgartner, Rosemary BeecheySeniors - Page 1

Mary Alice Beeler, Dorothy Benore, Jeanne BolanSeniors - Page 2

Lorraine Bondy, Rita Breska, Evelyn Brown

Senior - Page 3

Senior – Page 3

Betty Carstensen, Lois Ann Carter, Mary CavanaughSeniors - Page 4

Sara Chapman, Virginia Connelly, Peggy Eastin

Seniors - Page 5

Seniors – Page 5

Rosemary Ehrsam, Jeanne Ann Ferrell, Rita FischbachSeniors - Page 6

Molly Flanagan, Jeane Florian, Phyliss FoggSeniors - Page 7

Patricia Gaynier, Louise Hilkins, Helen Huber

Seniors - Page 8

Seniors – Page 8

Jo Anne Hurley, Ellen Johnson, Patricia Kehoe

Seniors - Page 9

Seniors – Page 9

Mary Kelly, Mary Jeanne Kelly, Rita Kern

Seniors - Page 10

Seniors – Page 10

Jane Muenzer, Betty Murphy, Florence Myers

Seniors - Page 11

Seniors – Page 11

Shirley Myers, Beatrice Naumann, Irene Nyitray

Seniors - Page 12

Seniors – Page 12

Kathryn King, Bernadette Koralewski, Jeanne Lehnert

Seniors - Page 13

Seniors – Page  13

Carol McCormick, Patricia McMahon, Mary Ann McNamee

Seniors - Page 14

Seniors – Page 14

Lora Mary O’Connell, Lorraine O’Connor, Lurene O’Shea

Seniors - Page 15

Seniors – Page 15

Margaret Packo, Mary Helen Palmer, Helen Papp

Seniors - Page 17

Seniors – Page 16

Elmere Parquette, Jane Patterson, Joan Periatt

Seniors - Page 17

Seniors – Page 17

Dolores Quinn, Angela Rensch, Jeanne Resch

Seniors - Page 18

Seniors – Page 18

Barbara Rumpf, Mary Ellen Seitz, Betty Lou Spinner

Seniors - Page 19

Seniors – Page 19

Claudia Sullivan, Marilyn Tafelski, Mary Jane Taylor

Seniors - Page 20

Seniors – Page 20

Patricia Tillman, Carolyn Tingley, Dorothy Wagner

Seniors - Page 21

Seniors – Page 21

– – – Juniors (60) – 1942 – – –

Seniors - Page 22

St. Ursula Academy – Juniors – 1942

Absent -Sue Cavanaugh, Mary Catherine Kilcorse, Isabel Schuchert, Lourdes Shaughnessy, Betty Uhl, Jean Zerbee, Mary Ann Vollmayer.First Row -Joan Wilkinson, Marie Ellen Ruth, Therese Miller, Dorothy Black, Loretta Burroughs, Dorothy Louy, Jeanette Bihl, Ruth Heizelman.Second Row -Mary Catherine Carroll, Mary Agnes Gaffney, Anna Rose Sarno, Virginia Mensing, Margaret Ann Davies, Clara Rose Gay, Patricia Surtman, Peggy SurtmanThird Row -Gertrude Stoelzel, Frances Straub, Patricia Resch, Patricia Czelusta, Joanne Etzel, Rose Marie Talaska, Verna Patke, Shandonrose Steuer.Fourth Row -Patricia Peirce, Patricia Blake, Nancy Marryott, Gracemary Brucker, Charlene Patterson, Eileen Nopper, Mary Donovan, Jean Jones.Fifth Row -Mary Ellen Farber, Gloria Epler, Marjorie Uhl, Patricia Wilde, Betty Conlin, Mary Bates, Dolores Gray.Sixth Row -Lois Tracewell, Patricia Fox, Caroline Heatley, Sue Loughlin, Colleen Bayer, Mary Jane Stedman, Mary Lawler.Seventh Row -Jeanne Ann Syring, Anita Hillebrand, Patricai Glennen, Loretta Barry, Joan Varner, Marjorie Miller, Eleanor Jacomet. – Sophomores (68) –SUA - 1942 - Sophomores

Absent –
Marcia Diethelm, Regina Fischback, Betty Hoffman, Frances Korhumel, Betty Pontius, Martha Snyder, Patricia Sanders.First Row –
Marian Harms, Mary Teresa Hatfield, Natalie Dailey, Sara Shoemaker, Patricia Carroll, Dolores Daunhauer, Helen Marie Dultmeyer, Mary Ann Fial, Paddy Purcell.Second Row –
Carol Ryan, Suzanne Graham, Mary Browning, Carolyn Kinsey, Helen Danford, Patricia Feak, Patricia McDermott, Carol Lauer.Third Row –
Beth Hoerter, Susan Hoeffel, Mary Mahoney, Patricia Robie, Jeanne Ann Conlisk, Betty Ann Hayes, Margaret Maher, Jane Sattler, Mary Wirries.Fourth Row –
Betty Lee Johnson, Eileen Nolan, Margaret Ann Walsh, Angela Davidson, Dorothy Yager, Kathleen Kelley, Susan Schuster, Joanne Schoen.Fifth Row –
Terrie Simon, Sally Sweeney, Yvonne Kelly, Irene Schirner, Marcia Gibson, Helen Murphy, Dolores Warnke.Sixth Row –
Mary Agnes Rethinger, Rita Rutherford, Joan Della Flora, Betty Lou Rush, Jean Odoski, Betty Marshall, Patricia Mauter, Mildred Williams.Seventh Row –
Jean Ann Dobrzykowski, Helen Mominee, Charlotte Gassert, Martha Anne Stedman, Constance Bond, Patricia McIntosh, Betty Jane Gaffney.Eighth Row –
Rhea Kaufman, Mary McMahan, Janet King, Joanne Sullivan. – Freshman ( ) –SUA - 1942 - Freshman

Absent –

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